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Technology in this day and age is impressively, powerfully awesome... when it works. When it doesn't perform how you expect it to, there is nothing quite as frustrating. That's why we're here, so we can shoulder that burden for you and keep things humming along so you can just focus on your work, your product, your mission in this world. We are available to put out your fires (sometimes even literally), but more importantly we want to proactively ensure your network is operating at full capacity to prevent issues before they ruin your day.

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Our Professional Team
Seth Yoder

While growing up in Middlebury, Seth always thought we needed a technology company locally. When he met Joel in Kindergarten at Middlebury Elementary he had no idea the two of them would make that a reality. Seth has been managing small business networks since the origin of Crystal Valley Computers in 2007. He has a degree from Goshen College and enjoys being involved in the community and Church. He has served as Treasure for the Middlebury Kiwanis Club and President of the Board of Directors for PC's for Youth as they transitioned into a true non-profit and received their 501(c)(3). He is currently serving as Treasurer for the Middlebury Chamber of Commerce.

Seth is married to his high school sweetheart, has two sons and one daughter. He loves spending time with his family and also enjoys most competitive activities. For example he loves tennis, chess, paintball, and all sorts of computer and board games
Joel Bontrager

Joel grew up in Middlebury and he continues to live in Middlebury with his family. He has been married for eight years with two young daughters. Joel met his future business partner, Seth, when they attended Kindergarten together at Middlebury Elementary School. Joel has a degree from the University of Phoenix. He oversees the sales, procurement, and the Account Manager teams at our office. Joel puts experience working for his Dad's electrician company while growing up to good use at Atlas IT. His project management skills and cabling skills allow us to implement large professional projects for our clients.

Joel is an avid football fan, cheering on the Colts and Notre Dame when it is that time of year. He also enjoys serving the community and is a Middlebury Optimist Club Past President.
Daniel Love

Daniel was the first employee hired at Crystal Valley Computers and has been an integral part of our team from the get-go. He currently assists the management team in making strategic decisions as well as manages the helpdesk. He has over eight years of IT experience, including software instruction and training, and is our Point of Sale specialist. He is an advisory board member for Northridge Dollars for Scholars.

Daniel has a psychology degree with a minor in youth ministry from Goshen College, and met his wife while attending college. He has two young twins at home. When not working or taking care of his children Daniel enjoys watching and participating in most athletics, having coached several teams including high school tennis, elementary basketball, and Special Olympics.
Kyle Thomas

Kyle met Seth and Joel while attending Bethany Christian High School and they have been friends ever since. Kyle grew up in Goshen and currently resides in Elkhart. He has a degree from Full Sail University in Florida. Kyle has loved tinkering with electronics since a young age. When not working with computers Kyle is engrossed in his many hobbies. He is an avid gamer and enjoys many different online games. He enjoys photography as well as videography and has recently become an RC enthusiast enjoying flying airplanes and multi-rotors.
Meredith Purk

Meredith joins our team with a degree from Ferris State University and over 14 years of customer service experience under his belt. When he is not busy helping our clients he enjoys spending time with his family and his dogs, and helping with his wife's dog grooming salon. He is passionate about reading, writing, and games of all kinds.
Rob Weirich

Rob grew up in Shipshewana. After attending Purdue University and IUSB he settled into the technology field and has been working with technology professionally for more than 16 years. He currently lives in Goshen. Rob loves dogs and owns a pug mix. His hobbies include watching television and playing video games.
Christopher Gehlke

Chris has been a part time member of our team since 2010. He has over 10 years of professional technology experience and has an unmatched skill for remembering hardware specifications. You can often find him in our back room tackling our toughest technology quandaries.
Dan Watson

Dan has had a passion for computer technology ever since he received a Tandy Color Computer for Christmas as a kid. He has worked for several IT companies over the years and is a former network administrator with a degree in computer science from Ivy Tech. Dan loves to play chess and euchre. He lives in his hometown Bristol, Indiana with his girlfriend Jessie while his daughter Ceridwyn attends Butler University for degrees in physics and astronomy.
Janelle Doss

Janelle was born and raised in Goshen and currently lives in her old childhood home with a family of her own. She is a proud wife and mother of two beautiful young girls. She currently enjoys tea parties, playing dress up, all things Disney, and dancing like it’s 1999.

Although her degree is in elementary education, Janelle brings 12 years of administrative experience and feels this company is the perfect fit for her and her family. She appreciates the beliefs and values that the company was founded on, which has made it an easy transition for her.
Adam Hudson

Adam has had a passion for computers and technology for 22 years. He started working on them at the age of 15. Adam joined the US Army as a 14T to pursue his love of technology while operating and maintaining the PATRIOT missile launching station. He loves painting and drawing as well as photography as hobbies. Adam also loves PC gaming and his English Bulldog, Tonka.
Scott Doty

Throughout his 30 year career, Scott has experienced the metamorphosis of the commercial networks, from the large clunky mainframes that would take a whole room to hold, to the microchip phones that have more computing power than the Apollo space craft. His participation throughout those times of innovation and exploration allows for a wide diversity in a great many areas. Scott has two children and enjoys playing pool, fishing, board and card games, and of course video games.
Mike Gorski

Mike grew up in the small town of Alpena in northern Michigan. He has always been interested in computers and how they work. He gained experience in network infrastructure by working in the telecommunications field. He also enjoys working with people and has several years in customer service under his belt. He continues to look forward to learning and being involved with technology.

His hobbies include: playing music, being outdoors, playing sports, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family.
Brian Clementoni

Brian brings 23 years of working in either the IT field and/or Customer Service. Brian’s first computer was a Commodore 64, playing games like Bards Tale and Lode Runner. Brian says that being a part of Information Technology isn’t about being a computer geek or nerd but about an opportunity to be someone’s hero. It may simply be a rumor, but some say at night he takes on a secret identity and may very well actually be a superhero. We do know however, that he performs the role of a superhero for our clients. It may simply be at the rate of speed at which he attends to their needs, or perhaps because he puts on a mask as he heads out the door. Next time your printer wont print, your screen goes blue or you lost that file your boss needed printed and on his desk by 3pm, you just might need a hero, you just might need Brian.
Tane Adams

Tane was born and raised in the area and currently lives just outside of Goshen with her husband, Gregg. A graduate of Manchester University, she has worked in accounting and administrative services for over 20 years. Tane attends Rock Run Church of the Brethren and has served on various committees along with teaching Sunday school. Most of her free time is spent playing with her two young granddaughters.
Aaron Cunningham

Aaron has always loved working with computers and technology, he has over 8 years of professional IT experience. He has spent most of his life in the Goshen area. He is married and has a daughter and a son both of which are in elementary school. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with family, friends, BBQing, playing disc golf, board games, and video games – He also enjoys watching sports, although football being his favorite.
Carissa Bousnakis

Carissa was born in California and moved to Indiana in 1998. After high school she studied social work and continued to work in the field for 11 years. After 11 years, she decided to return to school and is currently working towards getting a degree in software development.

In her spare time Carissa is busy raising her daughter. When they are not running around to various extra curricular activities, Carissa and her daughter enjoy baking and crafting.
Jeff Bornes

Jeff's first computer was a Tandy CoCo3, and since then, he's been hooked. He's been an in-store technician, IT consultant, and database administrator, in addition to his 12 years in the military.

He has a BS from Grace College, and received his MBA in IT Management from WGU. In his free time, he cleans up after his 3 kids.
Joey Darbyshire

Joey grew up in the small city of Heath, OH, about an hour east of Columbus. He developed a love for technology as early as 8 years old from playing games on his computer and making friends online throughout his school years. The internet helped keep him connected to friends while living in a remote countryside without many kids near his age.

Joey graduated as a Web Developer from Fullstack Academy of Code and wants to help shape the future of the internet as it becomes more and more integrated into our lives. His passions including gaming of all varieties, his dog Booker, learning new technologies, and improving his skills in anything he does.
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